Pricing for individuals

  • Everyone coming to the gym, whether climbing or working ropes for someone climbing, must complete a waiver. Those under 18 must have this waiver completed by their parent prior to their visit if the parent will not be present. This waiver can be found under the Forms tab.
  • Groups of six or more please book at least 72 hours in advance to ensure availability; we cannot guarantee walk in groups admittance depending on how busy the day. Please see Groups under the What We Offer tab for more information.
  Climbers under 14 Climbers 14+
Bouldering Only Admission No bouldering under 14 $15
Admission $15      $17.50
Harness Rental   $5 $5
Shoe Rental   $5 $5
Total $25 $27.50
  • Bouldering is for those 14 years and above
  • Those under 14 years must have an adult to belay for them
  • All prices include 13% HST
  • Climbers are required to wear climbing shoes