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Mad Rock  


Don't let this shoes look fool you. Having climbed grades up to V15, the Drifter offers an astonishingly great value. By steering clear of some of Mad Rock's more technical features, this wallet friendly classic can't be beat.           $76.75    

Mad Rock


The Flash's blend of comfort, durability and performance has lead to its embrace by a multitude of climbers. The traditional leather upper has been combined with Synflex, a synthetic stretch material, to offer performance while maintaining a consistent plush fit. The Flash 2.0 is also the first climbing shoe to incorporate Shock Gel, to reduce the impact force on the heel.            $87.75    




Featuring high quality split leather, reinforced velcro closures and an unlined half stiff midsole, this beginner's shoe is both versatile and comfortable. $84.95

La Sportiva


The Tarantulace is an unlined leather shoe with asymmetric shape for advanced performance. The aggressive rubber heel rand lets you stand in microedges and the FriXion RS rubber is hard wearing yet sticky for a long life.     $104.95                

La Sportiva


This comfortable shoe is easy to use and easy to get on and off in a flash. The unlined upper is excellent for moisure management and super comfortable on your foot all day. The shape is round and higher volume for the climber looking to not mangle their feet yet aggressive enough to perform when needed.       $104.95

La Sportiva


This comfortable shoe is breathable and durable, with breathable upper which is excellent for moisture management and super comfortable on your foot all day. The AirTex silver lining helps to reduce odor, and the shoe is completely washable!    $114.95

La Sportiva


All around comfort focused, this shoe is all leather with hook  and loop closure. Perfect for the gym or outdoors. Perforated side panel provides exceptional breathability. Vibram XS Edge performs on all types of rock.  $129.95

La Sportiva


The Python was created for the La Sportiva climbing team to satisfy their need for the perfect comp shoe. The ideal tool for high level modern climbing where you need sticky rubber over the toes and full rubber coverage on the outside of the heel for technical heel hooks. Unlined and super sensitive for technical smears.   $144.95